Hi, I’m Andrew Bowers… a high school senior in Tucson, Arizona seeking to play collegiate golf in 2022 (or possibly 2023 with a gap year).

Andrew Bowers

I am currently a senior at Ironwood Ridge High School, Oro Valley, Arizona. I am passionate about golf and love to compete. In addition to playing on the high school golf team, I’ve played in over 20 golf tournaments in the last 12 months. I thoroughly enjoy team golf. Traveling with my high school team and competing alongside them is something I look forward to all year. I am hopeful to find a college team with the same comradery.

As of September 2021, I am ranked 1,413 on the Junior Golf Scoreboard. For the class of 2022, I am currently ranked 661 overall, and 16th in the state of Arizona. The stroke average for my last 5 tournaments (10 rounds) is 72.8, so my ranking should improve as my new tournament scores post and the older tournaments drop off.

I would love to find a college golf program where I would have a chance to play and compete in 2022. However, I am young for my class and do not turn 18 until August 2022, so I am open to the idea of a gap year which would allow me more time improve my golf game, gain work experience, and be more prepared to be a collegiate athlete in 2023.

Susie Meyers

PGA Southwest Section Teacher of the Year

Top 100 Teachers in America – Golf Magazine

“Drew has made some changes that have greatly improved his play. He is passionate about the game and will continue on a rising path”